Using proven direct response marketing techniques 
Yoga Business Expert helps studio owners & yoga teachers
quickly attract, enroll & retain more students. 
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How your are helped...
Transform Your Yoga Business
within 90 Days 

Using proven & effective marketing techniques you are guided to generate immediate new revenue within 90 days.  This system is great for those that need immediate cash flow and for those that want to take their studio to the next level. 

Design & Implement Proven Email Marketing 

Are you properly implementing email marketing with your current contact list(s)?  Do you know what to say and when to say it to cause immediate action? You are shown little known direct response marketing tools that nurture your current students and to attract new students.  Email is still king. 

Effective Marketing &
Business Strategies 

Many yoga studios have little or no effective yearly or long term marketing or business strategies.  Just like yoga is taught in a system of asana's - a yoga business is able to serve the students and themselves when they know where they are going and how they are getting there.

How does it work?
Most yoga studios need to 
attract, enroll & retain students that
generate profits to sustain themselves and
their business. 

Yoga Business Expert does short & long term project specific work with select yoga entrepreneurs that want to take their business
to the next level 
by implementing
systems that work. 

If wanting to grow your yoga studio is important to you, then lets talk to discuss how partnering together can grow your revenue quickly and sustain your business permanently. 

The fees you pay are designed for both small & large yoga studios and are based on flat rates and/or revenue sharing models. 

This is not "business coaching." 

Feel free to email or call me directly
to discuss your situation. 

Michael Harris


Hear it from a happy partner.... 
"My husband Tom and I opened our studio in February 2013. We quickly realized that we needed help. In January 2014 we started working with Michael and immediately generated substantial new revenue. I was able to pay myself for the first time in the first month of working together. 

Now almost five years later (November 2018) we continue to work with Michael, and have gone on to grow our studio and our profits. Some months revenue has grown as much as 87%.

We even fulfilled our personal vision of going to Thailand to learn how to scuba dive. Now we continue to work with Michael & help other studio owners build there
business too."

~ Jonalyn & Tom Henle, Bikram Yoga Tracy
Here are a few  more of our happy studio owners.

"In 2016 I took over a dying studio. With the help of Yoga Business Expert July 2017 was up 224% in just one year. One of the best parts of having a business coach is that Michael holds me accountable to take action." 

~ Shannon Engelhardt, Hot Yoga Venture

"I have worked with Michael for several years now. In that time he has helped me with both my studios - helping me to be focused and holding me accountable. Michael through his specialized “Next Level Coaching” helped me create and implement a personal dream of mine - “vision coaching” program for my students and others. In 2016 Michael led two wildly successful yoga workshops at my studios in Detroit. I consider him to be one of the most insightful coaches on everything yoga - both business and the practice. I highly recommend him to everyone I talk to."

~ Ian O’Laughlin, Thrive Hot Yoga, Detroit, MI 

"Every strategy suggested by Michael that I have tried has worked... Every one... I could make a list... Like the yoga, the program works." 

~ Sam Goldman, Bikram Yoga

"When I started coaching with Michael so much changed. Just in the summer months sales were up 24%. I began working less to spend time with my family. If you are ready to kick up your studio to the next level, I highly recommend working with Michael immediately." 
~ Dana Dineen, Bikram Yoga Beaches / Toronto

"I have known and worked with Michael for years. The incredible insight and knowledge he has for the business of yoga has helped me tremendously." 
~ Eva Vidal, Multiple Studio Owner 

"FREE Download:
Powerful Email Templates that
help you to quickly enroll 
more yoga students"

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