Breathing & Business

by Michael Harris - January 12, 2018

How Breathing is Vital for Your Business

In most yoga studios there is really only one problem.  Not enough revenue to support the community, the teachers and the owner.  I will say what I have said before - it is the responsibility of the studio owner and the staff to enroll as many students as possible - and create as much as sales and profits possible.  Why? It’s simple…  the more revenue and profits a yoga studio generates - the more students are helped and served.  

Lets step back for just a moment.  I want to talk about a great analogy.  Everyday we are all teaching yoga.  In class we are leading the students to bend right, bend left, and so on. The purpose of yoga is not about yoga - it is about the students. Helping the student experience the life they want - whether that is less stress or having stronger arms. Ok, there is more to it that - and there are many books written about that.  

The one overriding thing though that really needs to happen in class is for the student to breath.  For without breathe - a yoga practice is unsustainable.  Depending somewhat upon the yoga tradition there are different breathing techniques used.  However - breath is still necessary.  This is the life force and the prana that allows the practitioner to practice.  It is the same with the business of yoga.  Except in the business - revenue and profits are the breath and prana that allows the business to be sustainable. 

In our business of yoga, everyday we are busy doing so many things. Folding towels, writing teaching schedules, ordering merchandise, writing newsletters and so on - this is really the different postures of the practice of business.  Sometimes it is easy to get so busy that enrolling students and generating revenue are put aside. Just “too busy.”   

Stop.  If someone is just practicing postures in class - though isn’t breathing - the practice is hard and labored. The student might even too purple - or gray - and have to sit down. They are exhausted and just can’t do anything else.  I see the same thing in business. A studio owner is running around being busy trying to do everything - and gets wiped out - and might even turn purple or gray. 

So how do you remove the problem of not enough revenue and profits?  First take a look at your breathing in class. What can you do to make your breathing more effective?  Second, take a look at how you are doing the “postures of business” and whether you are breathing throughout your day. Next - take a look at your revenue and profits?  Is your yoga business generating the profits that are necessary to sustain the community - and to pay yourself every month?  

If not, perhaps step back and ask yourself this question, “how can I learn more about the breath and prana of cash flow and profits in business?”  Once you learn that, and learn the difference between “selling a package” and “enrolling a student” you will quickly be able to have sustainable revenue and a thriving profitable yoga community.

It's our experience that those that take action (just like yoga) receive growth and transformation beyond what they initial think is possible. Are you ready to take action to create a thriving profitable yoga community? 

If you are, email or call and we'll show you exactly what to do. 

Michael Harris

Massive Growth 2.0 

by Michael Harris - January 5, 2018

Our Case Study of the Studio that
Had Massive Growth in 2017...

Just Had Their Biggest Month Ever in December.

If you already read the blog from last week you know that one of our clients averaged 110% sales growth each month in 2017. Their biggest month in July 2017 was up 224% over July 2016. 

Well, I guess - just because they are on a roll - December was their biggest month ever. 
What an awesome way to finish off the year.

Now that it is 2018 our client is posed to double their sales again this year. 

Yes, it takes work - hard work. Lots of sweat. Lots of action. Lots of yoga.  And even a few tears.  

Do you have a plan to double your sales in 2018? 
If not, why not?

It's our experience that those that take action (just like yoga) receive growth and transformation beyond what they initial think is possible. Are you ready to take action to create a thriving profitable yoga community? 

If you are, email or call and we'll show you exactly what to do. 

Michael Harris

Massive Growth Rates

by Michael Harris - December 28, 2017 

What Would Happen to Your Studio if
You Had a 224% Growth Rate in Just One Month?

Do you think that it is even possible?
Not only is it possible, one of our clients did just that.

This is really a basic case study on turning around a dying studio and making it grow again into a thriving yoga community that serves not only the students and their well being - but also the teachers and the studio owner.

A couple of simple things were needed to make it all happen... 

1) The studio owner has a clear vision of what they want to create. 
2) The studio owner has written a sales and marketing plan.
3) The studio owner took massive action to make it happen.

First lets talk monthly growth rates year over year. You already know that in one month this studio experienced 224% growth - that was in July. Pretty remarkable, huh? July which can be a slower month - actually had the largest growth of the year. Was that just a fluke? The answer is a clear NO. Each month was up in 2017 over 2016. The overall average monthly growth rate was 110% - each and every month. Now going into 2018 this studio is poised to double their sales. Old students have returned, new students have started and everyone is bringing their friends.

Let’s talk about the steps that this studio owner took to make it happen.

1) The studio owner had a clear vision of what they wanted. It’s an interesting idea - you can only get to where you want to go if you know where you want to go. This studio owner has been diligent in being clear on not only what they wanted to happen at the studio -m they are also clear on the life they want to create for themselves and their family.

2) The studio owner has a written sales and marketing plan. So many studios do hope marketing. They just “hope” that sales will be better next month. This is a sure recipe for failure. Instead - just like any transformative yoga system - there needs to be a written guide on each posture and the order the asanas are done in. It’s the same with the business of yoga. When you have (effective) written sales and marketing plans the chances of success are virtually unlimited.

3) The studio owner took massive action to make it happen. Not only massive action - correct massive action that created transformation for the business and the studio. We all know that if you just sit back and watch other people do yoga -m a lot will happen for them - yet nothing will happen for you.  

John Assaraff (one of the contributors to The Secret) added an idea to The Law of Attraction. He said unless you also implement The Law of GOYA - nothing will happen. The Law of GOYA is this “Get Off Your Ass.” In other words - unless you do your yoga practice nothing will happen - and - unless you do your business practice nothing will happen.

Now back to you. 
What are you doing in 2018 to experience massive growth in your yoga studio?

Massive growth not only in you revenue and profits - but in how many students you serve in your community. What would happen if you became a part of a group of committed studio owners that are working together to build their communities?  Yup, each of us believes in applying "The Law of GOYA" to help bring more people to the practice of yoga - and making a great living doing it. 

Learn more about how this studio owner - and other studio owners are transforming their studios now. The sooner you do it - the sooner you too can experience massive growth and transformation. 

If you are ready to take action - contact me directly.

Michael Harris 

Getting New Students - A Brief Case Study. 

by Michael Harris - December 1, 2017 

Yes - you can get $8,653 from two weeks of Intros.... 

Read on to discover how... 

How do most studios get new students? 

How do you track it? 

What are your results? 

I'll start out to say that getting new students can be an art. It's is just as important to know how to attract new students as it is to teach students. The reality is that unless you actually enroll new students - there is no one to teach and your classes are small and its hard to pay your bills. 

Historically most yoga studios get referrals from current students. A regular student is getting results and they bring friends and family. 

And with the rise of social media and effective email marketing a yoga studio can greatly increase the number of new Intro students - and new ongoing memberships. 

Take the example of this studio. 
Here are the number of intros for the last several months in 2017: 
August 21 New Intros
September 23 New Intros
October 29 New Intros
November 37 New Intros 
But wait...   November actually had 77 New Intros. 

How did they go from 29 Intros in October to 77 in November? 
Starting on November 14th a new web based membership drive started combined with a targeted email campaign. This new campaign is actually continuously running 24/7 - and will be ongoing everyday of the year. 

Take a look at the stats below.  These are the actually stats of New Intros enrolling online from just November 14, 2017 to November 30, 2017.  

Green arrows: This is the % of people that looked at the page online and purchased. It is 89.19% on one page and 63.64% on a different page.  If you know numbers - that is actually a stunning result. It would be huge to get just 10% to opt in and purchase. 

Blue arrows: This is the number of actually purchases between the dates mentioned above. And, remember this is an ongoing campaign running 24/7 - so more new students will continue to enroll. 

Orange arrow: $1,165 is the amount of revenue generated in 2 weeks from 40 new intros. For sake of discussion lets say just 8 of the 40 enroll in a membership after the Intro.
Lets say there are... 
5 auto pays @ $99 a month x 12 months = $5,940
1 New yearly @ $950 
Two 20 class cards at $249 each for $598. 
Total New Revenue of $8,653 from just 2 weeks of New Intros. 
This studio will actually do better than that - just because they know how to enroll Intro students into new memberships.  


Do you know how to design, create and implement campaigns that will bring you new students on a regular basis?

If you do... come join our team. 

If you don't... what are you doing to learn how?  

If you are ready to know more about enrolling new students - and talk to the studio owner that is doing this, simply contact us and we will schedule a call. 

Feel free to email me at or call direct at 541-604-8456. 

Don't Send Emails on Black Friday

by Michael Harris - November 22, 2017 

Since it is the day before Thanksgiving I'm doing my Friday blog today. 
Then on Friday I can eat leftovers all day long.  


Did you know that statistics show that Black Friday is a terrible day to send an email?

Check out why and get some more tips on holiday emails... 

Happy Holidays..!! 

"3 Tips on Filling Your Rooms"

by Michael Harris - November 17, 2017

What are you doing to fill your rooms?
Here are a few simple steps. 

1. Make sure that you continue to market to students that did not return.  It’s kind of crazy.  80 to 90% of new intro students don’t enroll in a membership. that means in most studios only 10 to 20% are retained.             There are all sorts of reasons that this happens.  Bottom line… that new student just wasn’t ready.  They may have to come back and buy an intro two or three times before they enroll in some type of regular membership.  The key… keep marketing to them through emails, Facebook and other social media. 

2. Implement a buddy pass program. There are many different ways to get students to bring their friends to class. Just one of those ways is to offer the new intro student two or three buddy passes to bring friends.  One of the keys to this is to make sure there is an expiration date on the buddy pass that is the same as the Intro Students that is giving the pass to their friends. 

3. Teach totally awesome yoga classes.  What do students really want from a yoga studio? In most cases they want to be taught how to practice yoga in a safe supportive atmosphere where they feel like the teachers and staff care for their well being.  That’s a mouthful and we could talk about that for a long time.   Essentially a student doesn't care what you know, until they know that you care. Have good - great teachers will help create a community of students that will stay for life. To take this to the next step - knowing who your student is, is vital to being able to actually help your student achieve the transformation that they are seeking.  

In closing, a yoga studio is not about “making money.”  And, making money is necessary to sustain a yoga studio and the community of students. 

It is about helping our students and community have an incredible life - where yoga is a system that can help them be center and happy in all that they do. And, when times are tough - to be apply to use the principals of yoga to get through the ups and downs of life.

What do you really want? 
Why visioning is vital in being a yoga studio owner.

Written by Jonalyn Henle ~ November 10, 2017

Jonalyn & Tom Henle diving with their two sons, Cameron & Tristan.

When was the last time you asked yourself “What do I really want for myself and my life?’

As yoga studio owners we often get caught up in the day to day operating of our business and lose sight of why we opened a studio in the first place.

When we first opened our studio in 2013 our vision was to bring a place of health and healing to our community. That seems like a pretty good vision BUT something was missing….and I didn’t even know it was missing. Fast forward 10 months later when I hired Michael Harris with Yoga Business Expert and he asked me the million dollar question…”What is your vision for yourself?”.

Wait ME?? Not my business? Isn’t coaching all about my business?

Michael explained that a personal vision is different than a business vision and in fact comes before the business vision or goals. The simple reason for this is it’s the reason behind why we do anything, or the “What’s in it for me”. What I shared during that conversation was that I wanted to go on a 3 week vacation to Thailand and learn to scuba dive. Sounds great, the problem was I had no systems in place to leave my studio for three weeks and I didn’t know where to begin.

That vision was the catalyst for transforming my business from doing pretty good to doing great! In just six weeks I was paying myself, paid off my credit cards, and enrolling more students in long term packages. I now had a plan and tools for success. We implemented so many programs from Yoga Business Expert: attracting and enrolling new students, staff training, front desk procedures, email marketing, etc… Everything I learned from YBE was working in a big way.

Seven months after beginning my work with YBE I was in Thailand scuba diving!! Two months later we went back. Creating a vision and and taking the steps to fulfill on that vision gave me freedom in my personal and business life.

So now I’m going to ask you the million dollar question…What do YOU really want for yourself?

by Jonalyn Henle ~ Co-Owner of Bikram Yoga Tracy (with husband Tom) and Special Projects Strategist at Yoga Business Expert

3 Simple Tips on Enrolling New Students
Written by Michael Harris on Nov. 3, 2017 
When it comes to a thriving profitable yoga community teaching class is really the most awesome way to help your students.

First though, to have students in your classes, you have to enroll new students in your school. To be "great" at enrolling students is really vital in empowering your students to commit to their practice.

It's simple, when more people are doing yoga the world is a better place.

In yoga one simple tip can change a whole posture.

For instance in triangle pose "push your knee back with the help of the elbow" can have a ripple effect throughout the entire body. A student can sit down more, the arms can increase the stretch and even the breathe can become calmer. Just by moving the knee by one or two inches.

When the same principal is applied in your business - just a little tweak here and there can have profound effects on enrollment and revenue.

Knowing what to say at the front desk is just as vital as knowing what to say when teaching class. After all, unless you enroll students you will have no students to teach. 

Here are 3 simple tips that can help you and your staff enroll even more new students. 

Tip #1
Never “sell yoga” – instead “empower your students” to commit to themselves both in and out of class to transform themselves to have a truly happy fulfilling life.

Tip #2
Never ask a new prospective student “how often do you want to come to class?”

Tip #3
Ask a new prospective student “what do you want out of yoga?” or “where would you like to be in six months with your yoga practice?”

To learn more details download your FREE Guide "How to Enroll More New Students & Increase Your Profits"
Anger, Chronic Pain & Yoga
Written by Michael Harris on Oct. 27th 2017
Oh... chronic pain totally sucks. If you have had it you know what I mean. Whether the pain is in the neck, back, hip, knees, feet, toes, shoulders, head, elbow, hand, wrist or anywhere else in the body - it all can hurt like hell. Sometimes you want to scream, taking massive amounts of pain killers (opioids). Like I said, chronic pain sucks. 

Enter yoga. If you are like me, yoga - in my case Bikram Yoga - helped me let go of 12 years of pain - the pain I thought I would have for life. Why? The simple - yet profound phrase that Bikram said to me in 1998, "don't worry about, forget about it, just do the yoga." Huh? Really. Turns out it was my biggest lesson in yoga.  

In reality it was about letting go of all the pent up rage and anger in my unconscious mind that was manifesting in my body as chronic pain and near fatal health issues. It wasn't about learning how to modify a bunch of postures because of all my physical symptoms - it was about figuring out how to do exactly what I could do in each and every posture. As that process unfolded I was able to recognize that at a deeper level nothing was really "wrong." And then, the postures unfolded perfectly to allow me to release the "issues in my tissues." 

Sometimes as studio owners and teachers we can experience tremendous "pain" in our business. How can I get more students? How can I pay my rent? How can I pay my teachers? How can I...(fill in the blank)? 

What if you did the same process of letting go of pain in yoga - to let go of the pain of running a yoga studio. In other words - apply the principals of yoga to your business. After all, it's simply nature.
Helping you build a thriving profitable yoga community
Written by Michael Harris on Aug. 29th, 2017
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